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Privacy-focused ads Restore your brand's trust

ContextCue is a privacy-focused advertising network that allows advertisers and publishers to grow their business with fast, lightweight, contextual ads that don't track, collect, or store user data

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Easy to start

We don't require minimum ad buys, nor do we require minimum publisher traffic

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Ads are completely private

We don’t track, collect, or store any personally identifiable user data

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Contexualized targeting

We use the content of website to target ads–not the users

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Built for publishers

Keep users coming back to your website with ads that are relevant and ethical–not creepy and customized. Plus, ContextCue ads are inherently compliant with privacy laws like GDPR

Develop trust with your users

We don’t collect or sell any user’s personal information

Decrease load times

Our ads don’t contain tracking code, which keeps them lightweight and helps your site run faster

Control your content

You decide what kind of ads go on your site, not an algorithm

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Built for advertisers

When you advertise with Facebook, Google, or Amazon, they can monitor how your ads perform and use this data to break into your product space. Take back your competitive edge with ContextCue ads, and protect the data of you and your customers

Pay only for results

We utilize a pay-per-click model to ensure that you only pay when users interact with your ads

Reach new customers

Make meaningful impressions with easy-to-create ads that resonate with potential customers

Control your campaigns

You're in control of your campaign–whether its the timing, the cost, or the audience

Even more features

We are constantly adding new features to ensure you have the tools to grow your business, without compromising on privacy

Daily campaign limits

Control your daily campaign spend with per campaign limits

Campaign budgets

Ensure your campaign never spends more than intended with a campaign budget

Campaign scheduling

Optimize your ad spend by scheduling ads in as little as 15 minute segments

Pause campaigns

Pause or resume your campaigns at any time, for any reason

Maximum cost-per-click

By setting your maximum cost-per-click, you define what a potential customer is worth

Multi-user organizations

Easily collaborate on campaigns, without needing to share passwords

Easy to use stats

See how your campaign or website is doing over time with built in charts

Ad review

A real human reviews every ad on our network, to ensure the highest quality ads

Ready to get started?

ContextCue is completely free to sign up and explore, only pay when you want to start showing ads

Free support

Whether you have questions about what we do, need help using ContextCue, or anything in-between, send the team an email to and we will get back to you